Sunday, April 5, 2009

Survey period over

Last night at 11:45 pm eastern time the survey period ended for each survey. I have seven responses for my survey directed at Christians, and 193 completed surveys for the one directed at atheists. As this is simply a pilot study, the huge disparity in the results is not a problem. I collected all the results from the Christian survey by asking a few friends to send it out to a few people they knew to take it. The survey directed at atheist's I asked the fine folks at the Atheist Community of Austin to publish a link to the survey on the AE blog. Over the coming weeks I will publish a few blog posts when I run across something interesting in analyzing the results, though the primary goal for me in this survey is to see what I left out, and what I need to change in crafting the survey. So, be looking shortly for the first post reflecting on the results.

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